What are ICT?

When confronted with the question ‘What are ICT?’ I initially thought of the acronym we are all familiar with: Information and Communication Technology and felt confident in my understanding of ICT. Beginning my learning into the topic, I completed a quiz titled ‘Is this an ICT?’ The quiz quickly highlighted to me that I shared many misconceptions surrounding what objects identify as ICT and the vast range of ICTs utilised within our society. Common examples of ICT systems include the internet, mobile phones, and television. But lightbulbs, such as WeMo Smart LED bulbs, are also an example of ICT as they have a network connection and can be controlled by software.

Online resources are also considered to be ICTs and can be very beneficial to educators for preparation and use within the classroom. Kiddle, Voki, and Questgarden are just a few examples of online teacher resources. Take a look if you are not familiar with these as they are useful resources for Educators!

In saying all of this, I understand ICT to be a method of communication or accessing information via digital technology. I feel that ICT is essential within 21st century learning, in a school environment of today and the future.

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