One Week In

Being an online University student, I often find myself getting frustrated with technology (don’t we all!) After engaging with only one week of study material in EDC3100, I already have learnt new and innovative things and am excited to gain more ability and confidence in the use of ICT. The course is unique in that it demonstrates the use of ICT via the delivery of course content, making it easier for me to appreciate and learn from the information/ activities provided. My initial frustrations surrounding my ability to use digital technologies have subsided and I now know that with more understanding I can only improve. Having a read of Leisha’s Blog ‘Usernames and Passwords…’, it came to my attention just how essential organisation is within the digital world. With all these accounts, programs, passwords and games, it is easy to get frazzled. Another important element of learning new ICT is to develop conceptual models (which can be created as a visual diagram via Gliffy) to assist in solving problems instead of a trial and error approach. So my plan of attack as I move further into this course and engage with new content… is to keep organised and develop conceptual models!

Always Learning,



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