Why use ICT?

It is the start of week 2 and the EDC3100 course content for the week required me to develop a concept map explaining why I use ICT.

Engaging with the content, I came to discover exactly why I use ICT and also why it is important to engage with ICT as a future educator. Reasons surrounding personal/ professional development were highly relevant, as well as the positive impact ICT engagement can have on students.

I have attached my concept map below for you to have a look at my response. I developed this concept map using bubbl.us which is a creative, easy-to-use online resource allowing users to brainstorm and create mind-maps.

Wk 2 Concept Map - Why use ICT.jpg

I also visited some peers’ blogs who recently shared their concept map, take a look at the one Learningtoteach101 developed. She shared some similar points to my own and I feel as if we both understand ICT to not only involve professional requirements, but also relevance to students, education systems and society in general.

Always learning,



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