My Best Learning Experience.

After reading Liss8707’s Blog Post, I was inspired to also share my own ‘best’ learning experience.

I define this learning experience as my ‘best’ because it encompassed the views of my personal framework of learning. The learning experience incorporated a Constructivist approach and provided my students with a range of hands-on, real world learning experiences. It also encompassed the use of ICTs to further engage them in the learning experience.

The lesson was for a maths unit on measurement and involved students measuring and comparing the size of real objects within the classroom, outside and via online maths games. In groups, students were required to use rulers, scales, and measuring jugs to develop understandings of the different forms of measurement (e.g. weight, volume, length). The students were engaged throughout the process of measuring and comparing the different objects and liquids.

This learning experience demonstrated to me the importance of incorporating constructivist learning and ICTs to engage students.

Always learning,



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