Can I use that? What is the Copyright?

After engaging with the Week 2 material in EDC3100, I have come to discover the vast amount of information surrounding copyright. Prior to this, I always had believed that if I reference an image correctly and give acknowledgement to the author, then I wasn’t in breach of copyright. Oh boy was I wrong…

I am embarrassed to admit that I have breached copyright in the past and have now successfully rectified that. This module has informed me on what I can use and what the constraints are that surround copyright. Based on my understanding this is my brief explanation of copyright rules…

I can use it if:

  • I created it (it belongs to me, therefore I can do what I like)
  • It is in the public domain (there’s no need for an attribution, but it would be nice to)
  • The resource has a Creative Commons or other license (allows me to reuse the image as along as a fulfill the conditions of the license, including appropriate attribution of the image)
  • It is a link to a copyrighted image, but not embedded

I cannot use it if:

  • Creative Commons or other license applies and I do not provide proper attribution via guidelines
  • the resource has a copyright owner (if you can use it under fair dealing, then you don’t need to ask permission, but if fair dealing doesn’t cover it, then you need to ask permission)
  • I do not know what the copyright is

If you are interested in finding out more, the University of Sydney offers a  Copyright Guide for Students which provides a good introduction to copyright. I was also surprised to learn that “copyright lasts for the life of the author or creator and for 70 years after the year of their death” (The University of Sydney, 2014).

Always Learning,




The University of Sydney. (2014). Copyright for students. Retrieved from   


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