Is Technology Anti-Social?

The learning material for EDC3100 this week contained a quiz at the beginning asking us to answer the question Are digital technologies making us anti-social? I immediately ticked yes thinking about all the times I see people ignoring their company while staring at their smartphones. To my surprise however, my answer was incorrect. As it turns out, technology and the way we socialise using it can be looked at in an abundance of different ways.

This quote demonstrated one perspective on this debatable issue…

“Despite all the attention paid to new gadgets, technology does not determine human behavior; humans determine how technologies are used” (Rainie and Wellman, 2012).


The journal article, ‘Anti-Social Networking?‘ also provided me with some unique views on this issue. Trevathan & Myers (2012) discuss the various impacts social networking has on users.

I also found it very interesting  to read the links relating to ‘antisocial behaviour’ Tameka shared on her blog. Go and take a look!

Always Learning,




Rainie, L., & Wellman, B. (2012). Networked: The new social operating system. Cambridge, MA: The MIT Press.



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