During my engagement with the EDC3100 Week 3 learning material, I have investigated the RAT and SLIC  pedagogical models. In doing so, I have come to understand the importance incorporating ICT into more traditional learning experiences, rather than replacing them.

The RAT model, devised by Dr Joan Hughes in 1998 assists the way educators think about and utilise ICT in the classroom. The 3 elements of this model are as follows, see previous link for further detail:


The SLIC model also consists of a three step process in order to achieve ICT incorporation into the classroom.

Student Learning: what the student is doing as part of the instructional event
Instructional methods: what the teacher is doing to support the learner as part of the instructional event
Curriculum goals: the knowledge and skills that the learner is developing through participation in the instructional event

Deniseas75 also provides some insight via her blog into these models and how they are ideal for all educators.

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