Assignment 2

Assignment 2 is focused around constructing a unit plan in a specific context. I am aware that my next prac is with a Year 1 class and I would also like to strengthen my teaching in the subject area of Science. So in saying that, I have chosen to focus on Year 1 Science for this assignment.

My initial ideas has been focused only around the Australian Curriculum descriptors/ learning objectives and how they construct and transform knowledge (see my previous post for details on this).

I have decided on the following for my unit:

Constructing Knowledge:

Light and sound are produced by a range of sources and can be sensed (ACSSU020)

Transforming Knowledge:

Use informal measurements to collect and record observations, using digital technologies as appropriate (ACSIS026)

I have not yet decided on the topic for this unit plan or any specific details. However, based on the above information, it will focus around ‘Light and Sound’ and learning activities will most definitely involve ICT! This link gives me a general idea of how ICT can be used in my Science unit and some of the ICT that are available.

Always Learning,



2 thoughts on “Assignment 2

  1. Hi Ellen,
    Just curious… did your organise your own prac or did the uni organise it? I am seeing a lot of blog posts where students already know their prac placement but I haven’t heard anything about mine yet. I think I am just going to pick a year for this assignment and hope it relates to the year I get placed with for prac.


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