Where is my Somewhere?

Beginning work on Assignment 2, I really wanted to develop a clear idea of my ‘somewhere’. Since being introduced to it in the EDC3100 course content, I have struggled with the idea of finding my ‘somewhere’.

Throughout the EDC3100 course we are required to design learning experiences where ICT are used to enhance and transform learning and teaching. These learning experiences should therefore be aligned with a particular context.

Therefore, your ‘somewhere’ is basically the learning context which is relevant to YOU.

For me, this is where I will be undertaking my PRAC, a Year 1 Primary class. I also want to note that my ‘somewhere’ is an engaging, welcoming space which utilises ICT and a Constructivist approach to learning. The Australian Curriculum is also relevant in my context in determining learning objectives.

It was comforting to read that a fellow student was in a similar position to myself. Her blog gives a good insight into the struggle of finding your ‘somewhere’. I also found Denise’s blog helpful, especially the article she shared –  ‘Grounded Technology Integration’.

Always Learning,



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