Incorporating ICT

I find that when I incorporate ICT into learning experiences, I am usually only replacing or amplifying student learning.Within Assignment 2 however, it is a requirement to incorporate ICT which engages students and ideally transforms learning.

(See my previous post to find out more regarding replacing, amplifying and transforming learning)

As I am now beginning to search for innovative ways I can use ICT to transform the learning experiences within my Unit Plan, I have started looking online and via the blogs of my peers. The Classtools website was one I originally discovered via LesleyDonohoe’s blog. Although it had some great ideas on there, it only provided me with a starting point as it doesn’t have anything specifically related to my chosen Curriculum Descriptors and my ‘somewhere’.

The course learning path also made me aware of Bloom’s Digital Taxonomy. This resource has definitely provided me with some tips on what ICT fit appropriately with each stage of Bloom’s Taxonomy.

As I have not decided on anything in particular, I will continue to hunt for creative ICT which can be incorporated into my Unit Plan to amplify and transform student learning.

Always Learning,



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