Assignment 1 Results

Woohoo! I finally got my results back for Assignment 1 after being one of the 30 who had to wait due to issues with a marker.

Safe to say that the result was definitely worth the wait! I have a new found confidence and am now so much more confident heading full steam ahead with Assignment 2.

Similar to Leisha, I always evaluate the feedback I have been given and in doing so, am reminded of how valuable quality feedback is. After completing the EDC2300: Assessment and Reporting course within my degree, I became more aware of what makes feedback and assessments ‘quality’.

The QCAA also provides an Assessment Policy, which highlights the purpose of assessment and how it is to provide information for students regarding their progress and achievement, helping them achieve to the best of their abilities. Have a read as there is some essential information relating to assessment.

Always Learning,



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