Week 8

I am now well into the Week 8 Learning Path for EDC3100. This Week concludes the Module 2 work and is also the last release of information regarding Assignment 2. Assignment 2 is due on May 3rd (just under 2 weeks away)…oh oh…. that means I need to pick up my game and finish off these learning experiences so I can begin the essay.

The learning path quiz for this week required us to choose the response we believed most students would select. However after getting this question incorrect, it was explained that assessment is much more than discovering if the student has the right or wrong answer. It should help make the thinking of student visible to all. Similarly to Spil2016, I have now been reminded to ensure my assignment can be understood by anyone who reads it.

This video was a link available in the Module and I found it so interesting regarding Authentic Assessment! I especially love the discussion regarding formal examinations and the negatives of this method. Not only that, but in watching it I became aware of the great ICT resource GoAnimate.

Always Learning,




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