ICT with Assessment

The Week 8 Learning Path for EDC3100 demonstrated to me how ICT can be used within assessment. Plickers is one such tool I have become aware of this week which is great for assessment. It seems that my fellow bloggers also feel the same way about how great it is! So, here is the low down…

Plickers is a formative assessment ICT tool which allows you as the educator to track student progress. What sets this resource apart from other similar ones (such as Socrative) is that you only need one device (phone or tablet) to use it. To use this resource, the teacher is required to print out QR codes which are given to students. QR cards have the letters A, B, C and D around the outside of the square. The teacher then presents a multiple choice question to students, and students hold up their response with the correct letter answer card. Then using the Plickers app on a single device, the teacher uses the camera to scan across the room, rapidly collecting all students’ answers. The results are then available as a table in the Plickers web app.


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