Digital Citizenship

Briefly outlines your knowledge and experience with digital citizenship and the safe, responsible, and ethical use of ICT in your personal and professional lives;
You might like to include what you know or have experience around bullying, cyber-bullying, spamming, phishing, identity theft etc.

I understand that Digital Citizenship is when you are engaged in the online world and understand how to be safe in it. I am very careful of what I share online and what I post on social media. I keep my social media accounts on private and only accept requests from people I genuinely know. In primary school I sent a message online to a girl saying ‘I don’t you’ and she showed her mother who showed the class teacher. Safe to say I learnt a very big lesson and from that early age I have been very aware that what I write online I can never ever take back.

Summarises your results for each of the quizzes you’ll be asked to complete soon; and
Includes your critical reflections on those quizzes, their content, and what it says about what you thought and wrote for point 1.

Quiz 1 – 2/4: Question 2 and 4 I got correct. For question 1, I felt that low self-esteem is was underlying factor of bullying and those who bully do so to increase their self-esteem. Question 3 I was surprised that cyber bullying isn’t the most common form of bullying for secondary students given our current technological world.

Quiz 2 – Cyber safety – Firstly, what  GREAT quiz for kids learning about CyberSafety! Similar to Spil2016, I only got the ‘giving your email online’ incorrect which was a good learning experience for me.

Both quizzes showed me that I had a fairly average understanding of Digital citizenship. This website  also has some great education resources on digital citizenship, with a great video!

Always Learning,



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