During the Week 11 Learning Path I have been introduced to the Acronym CLEM to assist scaffolding learning to use digital technologies to amplify and transform student learning. CLEM is made up of a number of components to represent an important focus for using ICT effectively to amplify and transform learning.


  • What, where, and how active is the community of teachers who use this ICT to enhance student learning?
  • Are there different communities?
  • How can I engage with this community?
  • Where can I go to get help?


  • What academic literature exists around this ICT to enhance student learning?
  • What does it reveal about how to apply this ICT to learning?
  • What doe sit say about how to use this ICT and how not to use it?
  • What is this ICT good for when it comes to student learning?
  • What are the common problems/ limitations of this ICT?


  • What examples exist of this ICT being used to enhance student learning?
  • What makes a good or bad example?
  • Are there examples applicable to me and how can I learn from these?


  • How does this ICT work and what are its components?
  • What is the vocabulary associated with the ICT?
  • What does it offer that’s different from other ICT?
  • What are the common technical problems with this ICT and how do I fix them?


I have now also started looking at some ICT resources that may be useful on my prac with a year 1 class. I came across ACMI Storyboard generator, which look fantastic for use within an educational context. Have a look and tell me what you think? Maybe you have even used it before!

Kristensmith1 also shared the idea of using Apple TV within the classroom which I found very interesting!

Always Learning,



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