Professional Experience: Day 1

My first day of professional experience was great! My mentor is fantastic and super helpful with lesson ideas and behaviour management strategies for some challenging learners. Over the day I marked the roll, read a story, taught in group rotations, and generally observed my mentor quite a bit to get a feel for her classroom practices.

The students in my Year 1 class are generally pretty good, with a real mix of personalities and abilities evident in the class. There a couple of high level students which I need to do some research and compile strategies to assist me in developing a relationship and managing behavioural issues. This particular link has already assisted me to gain a bit more insight into how trauma has impacted on my students who will be more challenging within the classroom environment.

Some of my fellow students in EDC3100 have also written about their first day experiences… kristensmith1, leishaluchetti, and becteacher2b… I hope the rest of your prac experience is enjoyable and valuable to you as a preservice educator!

Always Learning,




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