1 Week Down!

Sooo…. I have now completed the first week of my Professional Experience and have really enjoyed it! Like Lesley though, I am still feeling very tired and am exhausted thinking about the fact that it is not even halfway yet. Despite that, my Mentor has been awesome and I have already planned and taught a range of sessions/ lessons in all subject areas except Geography (more than the requirement).

During this week, I have been challenged a bit in the face of incorporating ICT. Computers were timing out after I have set up the program and logged my students in, as well as most of the class iPads have been taken by the ICT man to repair/ reload. Lucky for me, the Interactive Whiteboard has been working fabulously, and we had access to the computer lab on Friday which had 30 computers which can be put under teacher control.

The class also goes off for a STEM session on Wednesday with another teacher (non-contact for my Mentor). Within this session I observes the students using BeeBots. But unfortunately I do not have access to them for any classroom ICT use.

Anyway better go prepare my resources ready for Week 2!

Always Learning,





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