One more week left!

Hi All,

Woohoo! Tomorrow is the end of week two, which means I only have one day and one week left of this EDC3100 placement. I am currently fighting off tiredness and sickness so I can perform at my best for the end of this prac. Tomorrow is Under 8’s Day so the entire morning session is taken up with loads of fun activities. The kids are going to love it, but I don’t think I will get much out of them in the afternoon…

I am enjoying incorporating ICT and seeing how the students become engaged in a different way. Similar to liss8707, I mainly utilise the Interactive Whiteboard, iPads and the desktop computers.

These 6 Deadly Classroom Management Mistakes are great to identify some common mistakes teachers make and why they need to be avoided. I read through them just as a reminder for myself after tough days with my tricky class.

Always learning,



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